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The experimental LAN – Team Liquid vs Planet Odd; KuroKy- vs MiSeRy-

The experimental LAN – Team Liquid vs Planet Odd; KuroKy- vs MiSeRy-

July 29, 2017 0 comments

It’s the final LAN before The International 2017 and both grand finalists have nothing to lose. Team Liquid probably came into the LAN with a light heart, hoping to further refine their playstyle going into TI7. As for Planet Odd (PO), they would be hungry for this championship title, having not qualified for TI7. With so much at stake at TI7, this would be Kuro Salehi ‘KuroKy-‘ Takhasomi’s last chance to experiment new drafts and fine-tune it. With that said, let us head into the final draft analysis before TI7 between Team Liquid & Planet Odd.

1st phase

PO banned Io and Spirit Breaker;

  • Io: Targeted ban against Maroun ‘GH‘ Merhej.
  • SB: Upcoming Position 4 (at least in DreamLeague), being able to consistently put pressure on the map.

Liquid banned Night Stalker and Necrophos;

  • Night Stalker: KuroKy- 1st banned Nightstalker in all of the 9 games they played at DreamLeague. Not only is Nightstalker one of the best Pos 4 hero now in the game, there is also a high chance that KuroKy- is trying to bait his opponents to either 2nd ban KotL or deny pick it against them. Liquid is one of the few teams that still prioritizes KotL as GH is an absolute beast on that hero.
  • Necrophos: This ban is rather peculiar. It could just be a hero that could disrupt whatever game-plan Liquid was planning to have.

PO picked KotL;

  • Deny pick to Liquid.

Liquid picked Earthshaker and Bounty Hunter;

  • Earthshaker: Strong and versatile first phase pick.
  • Bounty Hunter: A hero that we haven’t seen in a while but my guess is KuroKy- is trying to experiment with the hero going into TI7.

PO picked Clockwerk;

  • Extremely strong hero against both Earthshaker and Bounty Hunter during the laning phase and in team-fights. As such, Clockwerk can be effective both in the Position 3 or 4 in this game.

2nd phase

Liquid banned Templar Assassin and Batrider;

  • Both Liquid supports are terrible against TA’s Refractions.
  • Batrider can just firefly out of any potential ganks with Fissure.

PO banned Anti-Mage and Juggernaut;

  • Anti-Mage: The hero made his return here at DreamLeague and Amer ‘Miracle-‘ Barqawi is one of the best AM players out there.
  • Juggernaut: A carry that isn’t really affected by Mana Leak.

Liquid picked Nature’s Prophet;

  • KuroKy- expected a Position 4 Clockwerk and NP is one of the better laners against it as he can use Treants to tank the Battery Assault.
  • Should PO’s Pos 4 hero roams, NP can easily contest the lane against a KotL with the high damage of Treants.

PO picked Gyrocopter;

  • A carry that can deal decently well against Treants with Flak Cannon.
  • The downside being that NP can use his Treants to tank the Rocket Barrage damage (which is majority of Gyro’s damage in the laning phase).

Liquid picked Viper;

  • With 2 roaming supports (Earthshaker + BH), Liquid needed a self-sustaining carry and Viper does exactly that. He can stay in lane and win most of his matchups without having much troubles.

PO picked Timbersaw;

  • Versatile hero that can either go offlane or mid in the context of PO’s draft, leaving Rasmus ‘MiSeRy-‘ Filipsen with more options for his last pick.
  • Timber is one of the better heroes that can survive against Earthshaker’s Fissure Blocks or BH’s roaming ganks in either lanes as well.

3rd phase

Liquid banned Tinker;

  • Tinker is one of the best heroes to deal with the split-pushing style of Nature’s Prophet.
  • Liquid lineup isn’t good at dealing against a Tinker.

PO banned Lone Druid and picked Sand King;

  • Lone Druid: Lasse ‘Matumbaman‘ Urpalainen’s classic hero which will be a strong hero to complete Liquid’s death-ball lineup.
  • Sand King: PO’s line up lacks stun and SK can provide the consistent lockdown during team-fights. Not to mention, it is also one of the best Position 4 hero in the current meta.

Liquid picked Invoker;

  • Miracle’s best hero. (I will talk more about the last pick Invoker in the next section below).

Win Condition

I believe that Liquid had the option and/or thought about going for a 5-man deathball lineup in game 1. However, with PO having extremely strong anti-push (Illuminate, Rocket Flare, Call Down and Chakram), it feels almost impossible for Liquid to safely push into. The last pick Invoker allowed Kuroky- and his team to shift their focus and game plan. Both Invoker and Nature’s Prophet are extremely good at pushing lanes out. This gives Earthshaker and BH the opportunities to create gank attempts across the map which can easily be followed up by NP teleporting in and/or Sunstrike. This would be ideal for Liquid as small skirmishes are the best way for the team with BH to gain an advantage through Track Gold. As for PO, they need to play around their Gyrocopter and/or Timbersaw, making sure they do not get picked off unnecessarily.


Both teams have a rather solid draft with their own set of game plans to execute. They both have decent laning phase and can transit into a strong mid game.

Draft Advantage: Team Liquid 50% – Planet Odd 50%

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